Random Interesting Stuff I Found Today

I know…I haven’t been on here much. It’s summer and it’s time to relax…But if it keeps raining here I will probably post more. Anyway, here is a list of funny things I found whilst (that’s the first time I’ve ever used that word) internet browsing.

This Cat in the Hat hat for a cat.

cat in a hat


Although it will probably make your cat hate you forever. Actually most cats hate everything forever anyway.

These Harry Potter teething toys.

harry potter teethers


Because it’s never to early to expose your baby to Harry Potter!

This tote bag.


I’m actually still laughing at this.

A DIY shower curtain.



Haven’t you ever just really wanted to draw on your shower curtain? No? Yeah, well, me neither, who thinks about drawing on their shower curtain? But now I want to.

This book.

vintage cakesIt’s vintage design…but on a cake.

These grammar plates.

grammer dishes

Yes, I correct people’s grammar. The only thing that really bothers me is when someone uses an adjective in the place of an adverb at the end of a sentence. Like if they said, “Your cat behaves nice.” No, it’s nicely.

Anyway, that was a list of fun items. I’m not really doing anything this week, it’s the first week of summer break. And it’s raining. I went to the dentist today. You know how everyone says it’s awkward having conversations at Thanksgiving dinner? Well, it’s more awkward having a conversation with your dentist. During Thanksgiving on one has their hands in your mouth. Unless they do, in which case you really should find somewhere else to eat Thanksgiving dinner.



I’m Still Alive!

I know…I took a very long and relaxing break from blogging. It was wonderful. I am back, however. Her are some of the pictures from New York that I would have put up earlier but WordPress wasen’t working.



A weird truck

A weird truck

A butterfly from the butterfly exhibit

A butterfly from the butterfly exhibit

A display in a store window

A display in a store window

It was cloudy.

It was cloudy.

NBC news

NBC news

This picture is just cool.

This picture is just cool.

Happy Friday!






4 Tips for Air Travel

Hi! I’m back now! I was in New York for the last couple of days. I have photos, Ill share them later because I don’t want to put them in the computer right now.

These are 4 things I have learned, having been on, if not 100, close to 100 airplanes in my life.

1) When you’re flying, wear a new shirt than has never been washed. That way, if you spill water all over yourself it won’t soak into your shirt. 

2) If your ears are popping, yawn. It works way better than swallowing. 

3) Before you get on the plane grab some of those fast-food cup lids and straws. They fit on the cups that the airline serves in. 

4) The answers to the sudoku and crossword puzzles are on page 89 of the Sky magazine. This is particularly useful if you are horrible at both sudoku and crossword puzzles. :)


Stop stereotyping or I will go crazy!!!

That is not an understatement. Yes it is. It doesn’t matter.

The point is; there are people who think that they know everything about homeschooling and are qualified to judge, question, and advise others against it. What do these people really know? Usually they know that homeschooling is done at home and not at school. That’s about it. Are we seeing the problem here?

So, what I am going to do now, because I am bored the world needs to know, is to go through all the stereotypes I have ever heard about homeschooling. And then I am going to rant about why they are so not true.

1) Homeschoolers are unsocial.

Whoever thinks this is just sad. It’s obvious that their entire social life revolved around school. And they think homeschoolers spend too much time at home. Maybe it’s not a good thing to spend too much time at school, either?

There are more ways to see other people than at school. And really, how is sitting in a desk all day except for the 15 minutes while you scarf down your lunch and being told what to do by a teacher a good social life? Isn’t part of a good social life going places you want to go and seeing people who you’re happy to be around? That’s what I consider a good social life.

2) Because they don’t go to school, homeschoolers don’t know how to deal with different kinds of people.

Okay, this goes back to stereotype # 1. Let’s understand that homeschoolers do see other people.

Now, you think that it’s good to be with difficult people all day and to learn how to work with them. I agree. Except for the all day every day part. Because that’s all school teaches you. Work in a group, work with a partner, work with an escaped convict and a flying monkey. It’s all about how to work with other people. And this is good, in small amounts.

You see, there is no personalization in a school. They try. 30 minutes a week a boring teacher comes in and lectures about how everyone should be themself. And then assigns groups to work on a project about being yourself. Typical.

Here is what I learned about working with difficult people in school: You have to pretend to be friends with everybody because everybody is your friend. And you have to compromise on everything and listen to everyone no matter how stupid they sound. And you can never roll your eyes or tell someone to shut their mouth and start drawing the speech bubbles already.

Somehow that doesn’t sound like the best way to deal with difficult people…

3) Homeschoolers have no ‘real world’ experience.

What is real world experience? Well, I would define it as doing things in the real world, like, outside of school. And who does EVERYTHING outside of school? Who learns things in the real world, outside of school? Hmm…

I think school is as different as possible from the real world. In school you have a teacher tell you everything. There are teachers everywhere to explain patiently what you are supposed to do. You have little responsibility, and if you don’t understand something a teacher will be right there to tell you exactly how it works. Tell me, people with real jobs, is that what it’s like in the real world?

4) People quit school to homeschool because they are lazy.

Oh no. You should never ever accuse someone homeschooled of being lazy.

Being homeschooled is way harder than public school. Way harder. In public school, do you have to be motivated to teach yourself things every single day? Do you; or is there a teacher right there telling you what you have to do and when you have to do it.

My curriculums are way more accelerated than anything the public school has.

Also, homeschoolers don’t have anyone to compare themselves to. Which means they don’r have a point where they can say, “Well, that’s going to earn an A, I guess I’ll be done!” Homeschoolers don’t stop learning when they know they’ll get a good grade. When I went to school I got straight A+’s without even trying. Seriously, I never tried to do my best, or to study, (I can actually never remember studying at home) and my papers are filled with doodles from when the teacher was talking and I was spacing out. Yet I got straight A+’s. I didn’t need to try, so why should I have, I was already getting the best scores I could. How is that not lazy?

5) Homeschooled people are “weird.”

Yeah, I know exactly where this one comes from.

Okay, remember when you went to school. Now, do you remember any “weird” kids at school? I know I do. There are plenty of “weird” kids at school. Naturally, some of the “weird” kids are homeschooled, too.

Here’s the problem we have: When there is a “weird” kid at school, they’re just a “weird” kid, no questions asked. But when there is a “weird” kid who is homeschooled? Suddenly it’s not just because they’re a “weird” kid like they would be if they went to school, no, they’re “weird” because they are homeschooled.

People, stop being afraid of controversy!

6) Homeschooled students can’t get into college.

You might want to ask the Dartmouth admissions people about that. I seem to recall them saying the opposite…

7) All homeschoolers are crazy religious freaks.

Not all, just a few. I won’t deny that there are a few. I’m sure they’re out there somewhere.

But there are many, many reason to homeschool.

9) Homeschool groups are clique-y.

This one makes me laugh. I am in a homeschool group. They are far from clique-y. They are very, very nice, (nicer than me) they can do things like go and knit together without getting bored and complaining about a newspaper from Nebraska that had a picture of a corn field on EVERY SINGLE PAGE. I’m serious, every page. It was like the “Corn Field Times: in case you care about what happens in a corn field.”

10) Homeschooled students are all the same. Homeschooled.

You need to get past that. Being homeschooled is not all that defines a person. Really, should I say that all public school students are lazy and dull-witted. I know lots of people in public school, and none of that is true. So, I won’t define you by your education, and you can stop stereotyping me.

And Obama, you need to let the German homeschoolers stay here. You do not send them back to Germany where their kids will be made to go to public school. Do not do that. Or I will become a republican.

Okay I spoke rashly.


Customer Service

Customer service people are great. Their entire job is to listen to people complain. Can you imagine that? All day long. Yet they always manage to sound so helpful.

I would be horrible at customer service.

Example number one:

Annoying customer: “Well, I gave my phone to my toddler to play with, and she was chewing on it, and now I can’t get  it to turn on.”

Me: “Seriously, you let your toddler chew on your phone, and now it doesn’t work?!”

Annoying customer: “Yes. I think there must be a manufacturing defect.”

Me: “Right.”

Annoying customer: “So can you replace it for free?”

Me: “Sure! And while we’re at it, how about we replace the part of your brain that you think with. I think it has a manufacturing defect.”

Customer service people are saints.

Example number two:

Annoying customer: “I ordered a pair of pants, and they don’t fit.”

Me: “Did you receive a different size than you ordered?”

Annoying customer: “No. They just don’t fit.”

Me: “Did you order the right size?”

Annoying customer: “I ordered the size I wanted to be, and they don’t fit.”

Me: “What do you want me to do about it?”

Annoying customer: “I think your sizing is off.”

Me: “AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”

I would not be able to put up with that for 1 call, let alone all day!

Next time you call customer service, thank the person who has been putting up with people like you all day.

So, thank you Jimmy from Boden customer service. We had a very nice chat. Even the part where I said ‘thank you’ seven times hoping you’d get the message that I wanted to hang up. You see, you were too polite to hang up on. And you even tried to be helpful. I’m astonished how you can do that every single day. I hope you get a promotion soon.


More Random Thoughts

These kind of posts are way easier to write. You will probably see more of them in the future.

I ordered the grey skirt, I like them both but it was quite a bit cheaper and I sort of liked it better.

I found this website that had about 1,400 random interesting facts on it. I learned:

  • A cat is one million times smarter than an iPad.

I’m not sure about my cat, though. She might only be 1/2 million times smarter than an iPad. I wish she has Wikipedia in her brain. That would be so helpful.

[10:00 at night]

“Cinnamon, I’m not going to be able to get to sleep until I know: What are fingernails made of?”

“Why, they are made of keratin. Now you go to sleep, I will climb up on your pillow and take a snooze on your face.”

  • The female mind’s ability to identify verbal clues, voice tone, and body language enables her to know when a person is lying. 

Finally, an explanation! I’ve always been good at telling when people are lying. Now I know it’s because I’m a girl.

  • All the books in Dumbledore’s office in the Harry Potter movies are just the Yellow Pages rebound to look old. 
  • Studies show that children who are better liars tend to become more successful as adults.

Yes! I’ll be successful!

  • Scientists concluded that the chicken came before the egg, the protein which makes egg shells is only produced by hens. 
  • People who use and understand sarcasm are more likely to have a higher IQ.

This is very encouraging.

  • Studies show that sarcasm enhances the ability of the human mind to solve complex problems. 

Very. very encouraging!

  • Passing through a door causes the brain to forget what you are thinking about. 
  • “I never said she stole my money” had seven different meanings depending on the word you stress.
  • When a male penguin falls in love with a female penguin he will search the entire beach to find the perfect pebble to give to her.

Awwww!!! I would fall in love with someone if they searched an entire beach to find the perfect pebble to give to me. Must explain why penguins don’t have marriage issues.

  • Studies suggest that using sarcasm can significantly improve your IQ. 

Yes, I saved all the ones about sarcasm in case I ever had to use them if someone told me I was too negative.

  • You can’t hum while holding your nose closed. 

Well, happy Friday!

I don’t know what to call this post…

Every time you publish a post on wordpress they give you a quote, and one of the quotes was something like, “A good writer never knows what he is writing about until he finishes.” Apart from the sexism, it makes sense. So, I am just going to keep writing until I get to the end and then we’ll see what this post is about.

I ordered a pair of shorts yesterday. That shouldn’t seem very important, but I have a fear of shorts. Short ones, anyway. But I’m planning on getting over this fear of shorts be ordering some that were on sale so they can’t be returned. And I’m going to wear them. I don’t like pants sizes, either. I mean, how many stores do you expect to be able to walk in to and have the sales person tell you exactly where the “double zero petite short 24″ inseam” pants are? (And here’s hoping I get a bit taller sometime.) I would show you the shorts but they seem to have sold out since last night. Weird.

Now that I have finished ranting about shorts, let’s talk about…What do you think of this skirt?

blue skirt


Or this one?

grey skirt


I realized that I didn’t have nay summer clothes that fit. Which is a problem because it’s finally not cold here. Finally!!!

Do you ever start miming a conversation with someone else, say your hairstylist, and then look around and you’re surrounded by people, but you didn’t notice because you were busy miming what you would say to the hairstylist? Am I the only one that does that? Oh well, they say that people who talk to themselves are on average smarted, and this is sort of the same thing. Sort of.

I have that song from The Sound of Music stuck in my head. Do-a deer, a female deer; Ray-a drop of golden sun; Me-a name I call myself; Fa-a long long way to run…

The problem is I only know half the song, so it can never finish! It just keeps repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.

Are you getting how annoying it is? I’ve actually never seen that movie in its entirety. I should do that sometime. 

Well, I think I’ve covered everything I’m thinking, so I will gift you with a wordpress quote that I found very funny, like laughing non-stop for 15 minutes funny.

“A simile is like a metaphor.” 

So funny.


I got published!

Remember the post I did on texting a long time ago?

Well…then I wrote an article about it and now I am HERE!

And now, in an act of shameless self-promotion, I am telling you that my article will help you lose weight, grow taller, save money, get a new car, and change your life for the better. Sort of. Just read it!


Oh, the Easter eggs…

I always seem to forget about dying the Easter eggs. If  no one mentioned dying eggs I would probably forget about it all together until October when I’d think about if for a few days before promptly forgetting about it again. I apologize in advance to my children if they miss out on dying eggs.

Maybe I’ve never had a particularly eventful experience when dying eggs. Or maybe my brain just never considered it all that important. Brains are annoying that way. Somehow my brain feels that it’s important I never forget how in kindergarten I didn’t know how to lock the bathroom stall doors so I just left them open, but it fails to remember things like the distance formula that I use almost every week.

Anyway, so I was on Pinterest looking at all the creative ways people dyed eggs and looking for one that I could do that didn’t take all night and didn’t require things like margarine. (Really, who uses margarine to dye eggs???)

I didn’t find a tutorial. (No thanks to Martha Stuart.) So now I need to think up a weird way to dye eggs. Wish me luck.

How do you dye your Easter eggs?

Typing Class

You know, I really like writing about school. I don’t know if I just want to remember it, or what, but I really enjoy writing about it. If you get bored with my school experiences you are welcome to stop reading them.

Also, as bad as they might sound, always remember that I had my group of gifted program friends that I could talk about political humor and ways to open the padlocks on the laptop cabinet and how idiotic typing class was. We were funny, dammit.

Anyhow, about typing class. It was horrible. They started teaching us to type when we were eight. Who teaches an eight year old how to type? Half the eight year olds still had illegible handwriting. To compensate for the fact that we were eight, they had this practically appalling learn to type program installed.

It’s called “Type To Learn” and I hate it.

I believe the program was about how to get Santa around the world in his sleigh by typing. I think. Like I said, it was appalling.

I sucked at typing. Even after 4 years with the appalling program I couldn’t type. By 6th grade “Type To Learn” (which I hate, by the way) was getting a little very very very  old. Seriously, it’s the same stupid lessons for 4 years.

To make it worse, or of I wanted to sound like Harry Potter I would say “to add insult to injury” the librarian ordered these bright orange covers for the keyboards so no one could see the letters. If you didn’t freeze and let out an annoyed breath you don’t understand just how horrible keyboard covers are.

They are disastrous. Keep in mind, I couldn’t type. So covering up the keys? Ahem, no. Luckily the keyboard covers were loose enough that you could look under them to see the letters. Also luckily, they were easily hidden behind the computer monitor.

Or in the cabinets above the computers. And it was not just me, everyone hid the keyboard covers. Seriously, they had decreased 50% by the end of that year.

Then, one lovely day, the librarian said that if we could prove that we knew how to type we wouldn’t have to do “Type to Learn,” which I hate. Every single day after that I took the typing test. I am proud to say that I failed it twelve times. I’m not kidding.

Eventually the librarian tells me that I should just practice a bit more and the I can stop learning to type. I did exactly what she said except the practicing a bit more part. :)

Now I can type. Why? Because I actually had a use for typing when I started writing papers and stories on the computer. And I taught myself to type. I honestly believe it had nothing to do with typing class. I didn’t type any better at 11 than I did at 8.

So, don’t do “Type to Learn.” I hate it.