Random Interesting Stuff I Found Today

I know…I haven’t been on here much. It’s summer and it’s time to relax…But if it keeps raining here I will probably post more. Anyway, here is a list of funny things I found whilst (that’s the first time I’ve ever used that word) internet browsing.

This Cat in the Hat hat for a cat.

cat in a hat


Although it will probably make your cat hate you forever. Actually most cats hate everything forever anyway.

These Harry Potter teething toys.

harry potter teethers


Because it’s never to early to expose your baby to Harry Potter!

This tote bag.


I’m actually still laughing at this.

A DIY shower curtain.



Haven’t you ever just really wanted to draw on your shower curtain? No? Yeah, well, me neither, who thinks about drawing on their shower curtain? But now I want to.

This book.

vintage cakesIt’s vintage design…but on a cake.

These grammar plates.

grammer dishes

Yes, I correct people’s grammar. The only thing that really bothers me is when someone uses an adjective in the place of an adverb at the end of a sentence. Like if they said, “Your cat behaves nice.” No, it’s nicely.

Anyway, that was a list of fun items. I’m not really doing anything this week, it’s the first week of summer break. And it’s raining. I went to the dentist today. You know how everyone says it’s awkward having conversations at Thanksgiving dinner? Well, it’s more awkward having a conversation with your dentist. During Thanksgiving on one has their hands in your mouth. Unless they do, in which case you really should find somewhere else to eat Thanksgiving dinner.



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