Typing Class

You know, I really like writing about school. I don’t know if I just want to remember it, or what, but I really enjoy writing about it. If you get bored with my school experiences you are welcome to stop reading them.

Also, as bad as they might sound, always remember that I had my group of gifted program friends that I could talk about political humor and ways to open the padlocks on the laptop cabinet and how idiotic typing class was. We were funny, dammit.

Anyhow, about typing class. It was horrible. They started teaching us to type when we were eight. Who teaches an eight year old how to type? Half the eight year olds still had illegible handwriting. To compensate for the fact that we were eight, they had this practically appalling learn to type program installed.

It’s called “Type To Learn” and I hate it.

I believe the program was about how to get Santa around the world in his sleigh by typing. I think. Like I said, it was appalling.

I sucked at typing. Even after 4 years with the appalling program I couldn’t type. By 6th grade “Type To Learn” (which I hate, by the way) was getting a little very very very  old. Seriously, it’s the same stupid lessons for 4 years.

To make it worse, or of I wanted to sound like Harry Potter I would say “to add insult to injury” the librarian ordered these bright orange covers for the keyboards so no one could see the letters. If you didn’t freeze and let out an annoyed breath you don’t understand just how horrible keyboard covers are.

They are disastrous. Keep in mind, I couldn’t type. So covering up the keys? Ahem, no. Luckily the keyboard covers were loose enough that you could look under them to see the letters. Also luckily, they were easily hidden behind the computer monitor.

Or in the cabinets above the computers. And it was not just me, everyone hid the keyboard covers. Seriously, they had decreased 50% by the end of that year.

Then, one lovely day, the librarian said that if we could prove that we knew how to type we wouldn’t have to do “Type to Learn,” which I hate. Every single day after that I took the typing test. I am proud to say that I failed it twelve times. I’m not kidding.

Eventually the librarian tells me that I should just practice a bit more and the I can stop learning to type. I did exactly what she said except the practicing a bit more part. :)

Now I can type. Why? Because I actually had a use for typing when I started writing papers and stories on the computer. And I taught myself to type. I honestly believe it had nothing to do with typing class. I didn’t type any better at 11 than I did at 8.

So, don’t do “Type to Learn.” I hate it.


2 thoughts on “Typing Class

  1. Well, when I learned to type in high school,we had a large picture of the keyboard on the wall in front of us. We know that the bump on the “J” put our right hand in the right place. And the end most key on the left, meant we were in the right place for the left hand.
    After that it was fun, because once you knew where your fingers should be, all you had to do was follow the keyboard picture on the wall. It was slow go at first but then
    wow! I could touch type!!!!!!!!!!!! Still can except the new keyboards for the computer don’t have the bump on the J letter! Slows me up a bit, but not too badly.

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