About Me

Here I am!

Hi there!

My name is Liza, look up how to pronounce it, especially if you are an airport security person. (You’d think they’d learn by now.)

I am 15 years old and [gasp] homeschooled! And proud if it. 

I live in Iowa. Iowa is flat and grassy and we are raising the average age in which children get cell phones. Iowa is not all farms, we do not all live on farms. (there are some people I wish would move to a farm…)

I have an ESTJ personality, which is apparently the same as Lucy from Peanuts.

I want to be an actress and comedy writer.

Now some random facts about me:

  • I have a cat. She is mean and fat and lazy. 
  • I am afraid of earwigs. Come on, they have little pincers on their butts. (or is it their head?). CREEPY!
  • My hair does not take well to heat styling.
  • I went to public school for seven years and six months. (Oh, do I have stories to tell…)
  • I am 5’3.
  • Once we went to Utah and I spent 100 $ on interesting rocks. ($50 for the lot, anyone want them?)
  • I listen to Harry Potter audiobooks probably every day, I have parts of some of them memorized.
  • My favorite color is purple.
  • When I’m sick I crave waffles.
  • I don’t like ice cream. I do like gelato.
  • I think jello is disgusting. And…
  • Tomatoes are gross in any form.

So, you know me, now read this blog. And leave comments. I love getting comments.


P.S. The Victims of Gardasil ribbon in the sidebar is for all the girls who have lost their lives, their vision, their memory, or had their life turned upside down because of the Gardasil vaccine.


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