Time to get controversial!

Very controversial. In fact, I’ll probably offend 80% of the teenage population in America. You have been warned.

Let’s talk about texting! We shall start with some statistics.

  • People can get addicted to texting. There was a study in Maryland; they had 200 students go without texting/social media for 24 hours (that’s only one day) and many of them experienced withdrawal, anxiety, and difficulty functioning. 

Well, that’s pleasant. And scary. A bit scary. 

  • It could lead to permanent damage to the thumbs and neck. And musculoskeletal disorders. 

Nice. How nice.

  • People are more comfortable texting than having an actual conversation.

To me, this is crazy. What about expression? What about sarcasm? I hate not being able to convey expression. I don’t even like writing stories. I write TV shows and movies. I’m always thinking about how people will read what I write on this blog. Will they emphasize the same words I emphasize? And what about facial expressions? Maybe this is an actress thing, but I need to convey facial expression. What if I say something funny. You can’t hear laughing through a text. That is bothersome.

I have tried to have a conversation with someone while they are texting. I found it rather offensive. That I was actually standing their talking to this person, and they could not have the courtesy to look at me and talk. I am no longer friends with this person.

So, basically I’m saying that, in 20 years, I’ll be one of the only ones without thumb and neck problems. Plus I’ll have a longer attention span and better social skills. I hope I can go to a high school reunion someday.


4 thoughts on “Time to get controversial!

  1. Two things:

    First, if you are wondering whether or not you express yourself well in your writing, you do. You do not suffer from the most basic self doubt; the over use of the exclamation point. You are conscious of not emphasizing every sentence (even when you rant) and for that you are light years beyond a lot of writers.

    Second, I’ve read a lot about similar studies because my website is designed around impulse control disorders. I have a component where I feature articles and writers and I’d be stoked if you’d be interested in working up a piece. Each article runs for about a week and is subsequently put into the archives.

    Drop me an email and let me know if you are interested – hard launch is at the end of the month so I’ll have to give you access directly – http://www.bingebehavior.com. I’ll register you on the back end so you can scope out the site for free before you commit.

    Happy Friday!

  2. I agree with you! Texting seems to be convenient, and in general there shouldn’t be a think wrong with it. But, people live on those things! I have a friend who is always on her phone, and never looks at my face when talking to me. Even if I’m trying to tell her something really important, like something I want her advice on, she just stares at her phone screen. Every now and then she’ll jerk her head up and go, ‘what?’, and I’ll have to repeat myself! It’s not only annoying, but rude.

    I have to admit, though; while I don’t doubt it’s true, I think it hilarious that you can get medical problems with your thumbs from texting! I’d never thought about it….

    • It’s the people who text all the time who have the bad social skills, not the people who homeschool! I can’t stand when someone breaks off my conversation (that I’m having face-to-face with them) to start talking about their text conversation.
      I thought the thumb medical problem was funny, too. Once I saw someone walk into a wall because they were looking at their phone. They were fine, but I laughed.

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