4 Tips for Air Travel

Hi! I’m back now! I was in New York for the last couple of days. I have photos, Ill share them later because I don’t want to put them in the computer right now.

These are 4 things I have learned, having been on, if not 100, close to 100 airplanes in my life.

1) When you’re flying, wear a new shirt than has never been washed. That way, if you spill water all over yourself it won’t soak into your shirt. 

2) If your ears are popping, yawn. It works way better than swallowing. 

3) Before you get on the plane grab some of those fast-food cup lids and straws. They fit on the cups that the airline serves in. 

4) The answers to the sudoku and crossword puzzles are on page 89 of the Sky magazine. This is particularly useful if you are horrible at both sudoku and crossword puzzles. :)



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