Things I Have Learned in the Last Few Weeks

They say you learn something new every day…but I will just me sharing the most interesting/crazy/weird/shocking things I have learned.

1) How to speak pig latin! After years of trying to comprehend what my friends and the teachers who were still trying desperately trying to cling to their youth were talking about, I finally understand! I am still in shock, actually. Now I just need to find a way to transport myself back to third grade…

2) Wearing yoga pants do not suddenly make it possible for you to jog. This was quite disappointing. I really thought they would help.

3) How an ultrasound machine works. Or maybe I just learned that reading an article about how ultrasound machines work is really really boring. The whole things was full of abbreviations. It was like: ATY and MT so she WLT TF will not TBH.

4) When you leave chocolate behind an old laptop that has a hot air vent in the back you should be very thankful that the chocolate is in the wrapper still. (Don’t worry, the chocolate is back to normal today. It might look a little weird when I open it, though.)

5) I hate internet blog prompts. They are never able to tell me the exact topic that I subconsciously know I want to write about but haven’t remembered yet.

6) There is a business card magnet on a magnet board behind my desk. I’ve been staring at it for months without realizing that the name on the card is “Laura Larabee.” Now I am never going to be able to look at that business card without laughing…

7) It would be really funny is someone was names “What’s-His-Face.” You know, like when you say, “I ran into what’s-his-face at the store yesterday,” when you’re preoccupied? Well, what if that was someone’s actual name?! Seriously, I laughed for ten minutes when I thought of that. (Think about it more-you’ll start laughing.)

8) My cat is louder than anyone else’s cat. I was babysitting and the cat was so quiet! He had a tiny little meow. Meet Tiger.


Now, let’s not discriminate against Tiger just because he’s a cat with three legs. There are plenty of humans with three legs, too. You know, never mind that thought.

What have you learned this week?



3 thoughts on “Things I Have Learned in the Last Few Weeks

  1. I learned that when my computer crashed today , I really learned how to pray. And now, as I shut it down out of fear, I Learned that I am a coward because my whole professional life is SHOT if I can’t resisitate it.

  2. I learned that sometimes if you have a good idea other people will give you help for free in order to make that idea become reality. (I wish that happened A LOT more often!!) And therefore, not to assume that asking people for help translate to being a pain in the butt.

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