I was wrong about my personality.

This is ever so slightly shameful. I mean, really? Who gets their personality wrong?

Oh, well. This personality type is WAY more like me. ESTJ. You can read about it if you like. Basically I am attracted to conflict (true!) overly concerned about details (true!) and a control freak. (VERY TRUE.)

If you read the description (which you should have!) you should know that I have all the personality traits that go against what the schools’ want you to be like. I actually like conflict. I am bossy. I am quick to notice others’ inefficiencies, and slightly aggressive. And I like being in charge, and not anyone else being in charge.

How did I cope with being stuck 7 hours a day in a system that totally went against me? I completely withdrew and became the shy, introverted girl who the teachers loved. While secretly I was scathing that they were making all the rules that I had to follow.

Because school does not teach you how to become successful. The biggest emphasis in schools are: Work well with others, respect teachers, be calm and collected, never lose it and start yelling, and be everyone’s friend.

There are going to be a lot of psychologists and social workers in twenty years.

Oh, and a confession. I have a republican state of mind. Yes. I do. If I wasn’t brought up in a democratic city, school, and house I am quite certain that I would be republican. In fact, if the republican party can ever completely separate itself from the church I would probably switch over. But until then I am still a raving liberal. Because I have to be a raving something political.

I have the same personality as Lucy from Peanuts, Michelle Obama, and Martha Stuart.

I am like 9% of the population, and 6% of women. Which is good, because the attracting conflict part of me wants to disprove traditional gender roles.

Anyway, I now know my personality. And it makes way more sense than the other personality. And yes, because I like organization so much I must have a test to prove my personality. And yes, that is a good thing.

What is your personality type according to the Myers Briggs test?


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