I need a new tagline!!!!

Sewing, cooking, and opinions is getting old. And there isn’t much sewing or cooking here.

So, here’s the contest, everyone leave a comment saying what my new tagline should be. It cannot have the word “teenager” in it. I find that rather degrading. Actually it’s very degrading.

Anyhow, does anyone have a mental physic power they would like to share? Do you know when someone’s lying? Or when they’re swearing to show off as oppose to when they are swearing to avoid throwing something? Can you tell when someone is faking enthusiasm? Or when they started writing a blog post with absolutely no idea what they were going to say?

So, the funnies thing happened to me the other day. As you (should) know, I am making a peeps diorama with a hospital scene. Well, I needed to make one of the peeps taller. How is one supposed to lengthen a marshmallow coated in sugar?

By putting it in the microwave to soften in and then stretching it out, of course! Haha, I wish! This is what happens when you microwave a peep. And yes, I did put it on top of a graham cracker before I put it in the microwave. Just in case it didn’t work out, and I was hungry, I would have a snack!

Spoiler alert: I had a snack.



Maybe microwave peep is still useful. He could be-I don’t know-in the hospital for liposuction or something.

Has anyone noticed that peeps smell like nothing? They have absolutely no smell. It’s so weird. They are the only food that I know about that smell like nothing.

Well, what are you all doing this weekend?


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