This is the Post Where I Write Whatever I’m Thinking at the Moment…

Because if I tried to make a title that had all the things I’m thinking in it; it would be way too long…

Now I am eating frozen girl scout cookies. You are jealous. :)

Okay, if you had to make a diorama out of peeps what scene would you do? What if had to be a scene from a book? What if you decided to hell with the book theme and made it a scene from Scrubs so you could make them all have little stethoscopes? And how would you go about making frosting stethoscopes?

I have 16 elements memorized so far. How many elements are there? It’s like 200-ish, right?

Startling news; Gone With the Wind is not, in fact, set in 18th century England as I though it was for my entire life.

And a true stereotype about homeschoolers; they love classic literature. Love it. All of them. Except me.

How would you watch the Pride and Prejudice 6 hour mini series without losing your mind? I tried reading the book, I really tried, but I would find myself getting to the bottom of a page and then realizing I had no idea what happened on that page.

Anyway, have a good Wednesday!



One thought on “This is the Post Where I Write Whatever I’m Thinking at the Moment…

  1. LOL… Thin mints; it’s thin mints, right? I would make stethoscopes out of fondant and the scene would be gory, using cherry curd as chickie blood; tasty and creative.

    Not all of us like classic lit, but it doesn’t hurt to torture our brain with at least trying it once.

    Happy Wednesday!

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