POLL: Should I Cut My Hair?

Okay, so last night I decided to try putting coconut oil in my hair to make it softer. Right now my hair is drying after my third shower in the past 24 hours because the damn stuff just will not come out! Seriously, don’t put coconut oil in your hair unless you can stay inside your house for a week.

Then, as my I was in out freezing cold basement and the remaining oil in my hair was solidifying, I thought, “why don’t I just get my hair cut?”

You see, I don’t even really like having long hair. My hair is really think, so it doesn’t stay brushed for more than twenty minutes, it’s too heavy and there is too much of it to put up, and it takes half a day to dry. or over an hour to blow dry.

So, this is the haircut I was thinking about. It has layers, so it will work with my hair (if I don’t have layers my hair will puff out like cotton candy, my third grade school picture is proof of that.) And it’s long enough that I would not totally freak out when they start cutting my hair off. (I’ve been growing my hair our since I was in third grade.)


My hair would definitely curl like that if it was cut. And does anyone know who this person in the picture is? That would be most appreciated. If I knew who she was I might be able to find a happy-looking picture of her.

So, take the poll, should I cut my hair?



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