Weird things that drive me crazy

Short ceilings. They feel like they’re too close to my head and are going to fall and crush me. And they’re suffocating.

When people wear so much makeup that they look like they belong in ancient Egypt. Come on, guys, the point of makeup isn’t to get yourself kicked out of as many places as possible.

Seeing teachers in other places besides school. Once I saw one of my least favorite teachers at the apple orchard. I spent the rest of the time hiding behind apple trees. Seriously.

When flavored water is clear. If the water is flavored it needs to be a color.

Ear buds. The stupid things fall out of my ears all the time.

The pronunciation difference between the different regions in America. Mauve, vase, and schedule.


Any toothpaste flavored any other flavor but mint. There is no way I will ever want to taste orange/strawberry/kiwi/cinnamon/chocolate/coffee/curry flavored toothpaste. I made some of those up, but I bet they exist somewhere.


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