How much of school is a waste of time?

I obviously had nothing better to do today, so I’m going to add up all the time spent in school doing absolutely pointless things.

In one school year, the average 7th grader in the junior high school I went to spends:

The equivalent of 13.7 school days in passing time. That’s just walking between classes and eavesdropping on other people’s conversations.

The equivalent of 8.6 school days in PE class. This is a waste of time. The only things I learned in PE class were how to change my shirt without taking my other shirt off, and that Iowa does not have a law prohibiting male PE teachers from coming into the girls locker room. (Maybe it was to tell us to ignore the fire drill because we were changing, but still.)

The equivalent of 17.1 school days eating lunch. That would be because it took so long for them to let people actually go and buy their lunches that there was usually only ten minutes to eat.

So, if you go to school don’t feel bad about going on vacation or staying home sick. The school’s wasting much more time than you.

And on the subject of wasting time, please don’t look at my doodle jump stats.


One thought on “How much of school is a waste of time?

  1. I’d have to agree that there is time that isn’t used for class room work, but I also think that there is much to be said for the social interaction these “wasted” hours bring in the development of one’s personality, judgment and perhaps even one’s diplomatic skills.

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