The super bowl, Social Experiments, and 100th Post

I refuse to capitalize super bowl. It’s a football game. It does not need to be capitalized.

I don’t understand football. I don’t understand why people watch it, why people care about it, or how it’s played. Once I had to do a math problem about a football court field. (It is a field, right?) I got that problem wrong.

I don’t know where the 30 yard line is. (That’s the most important line, right?) and I don’t care. If someone throws a football at me my usual reaction is to scream and duck out of the way. Getting hit with a football is painful.

So, in an effort to make one of America’s favorite opportunities to eat lots of crappy food more interesting, I propose a social experiment.

Do we all know who Debbie Downer is? If you don’t know, Debbie Downer is a Saturday Night Live character. Whenever someone says something happy, Debbie Downer manages to turn it into something negative. example:

Happy Person: “It’s so nice and sunny out today!”

Debbie Downer: “Prolonged exposure to UV rays is a leading cause of skin cancer.”

(I have no idea if that’s true, but you get the point.)

So, as a social experiment during this stupid football game, whenever someone says something happy about football, let’s make it into something negative like Debbie Downer. Why would we do this? WHY NOT?

Who’s with me?

PS. 100th post!


2 thoughts on “The super bowl, Social Experiments, and 100th Post

  1. It’s really hard to get me to say Debbie Downer things on a Sunday where I get to spend the day with my family. So it takes a major sporting event, sharing my big TV and an antipasto plate… I’ll take it.

    So, sorry Liza but… whhaaaaaaa wwhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa ;)

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