Things to do while your family watches Star Trek.

Excuse me; Star Trek Next Generation.  You see, until today, I thought Star Trek Next Generation was about the kids of the characters on Star Trek.

Here are some things you can do to occupy yourself while your family watches Star Trek. (Fine Star Trek Next Generation!)

  • Finish writing the pilot to the sitcom you’re writing. You could also consider working on the character bios you’ve been neglecting because you wanted to write the pilot. 
  • Practice imitating the voices of the characters on Star Trek. Whoever narrates the first minute of the first episode; I can do his voice.
  • Contemplate the complexity of life. (Kidding!)
  • Laugh in your head for ten minutes about how funny it is to suggest to your family to that they play “Dungeons and Dragons” in the basement of somebody’s mom’s house after watching Star Trek. Then realize that as you’ve already used that joke it isn’t funny anymore. Drat.
  • Sew a pencil skirt. You might have gotten up at three in the morning to write a to-do list. When you woke up at seven-thirty, you remembered that you wrote a to-do list, but you forgot what was on it. It might say: sew a pencil skirt, order shoes, blow dry waves into my hair, and make cinnamon rolls. The second item on the list is a very good idea.
  • Get angry at the anti-feminist attributes of Star Trek.
  • Make one of your favorite night-time snacks. (This snack may or may not be graham crackers, peanut butter, marshmallows, and chocolate chunks all put on top of each other and microwaved on high for twenty seconds. Don’t judge me.)


  • Blog about your family watching Star Trek. (OK THEN; NEXT GENERATION!) 

Happy Saturday. (I know it used to say Friday. I thought it was Friday, okay.)


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