Until we have better gun control; the TSA can do whatever it wants.

The TSA has had a lot of backlash lately. And maybe it wasn’t a very good idea to search little girls or 90 year olds in wheelchairs. But really guys, they are trying to keep us safe.

Airport security confiscated over 1,500 guns last year. One thousand five hundred.

That number clearly indicates that something is wrong. Something is very wrong. And 1,500 is just the amount that airport security confiscated. What about the police, other security persons, and the NRA? I’m sure they’ve confiscated some, too.

By the second amendment we have the right to bear arms. The right. It’s not a privilege, it’s a right. ANYONE has the right to bring a gun with them wherever they go. Am I the only one that finds that a little bit absolutely preposterous?

Maybe we need the right to bear arms, you know, just in case we see a rabid dog wandering around. But why, why do we need to bear arms in secret? Really, your life is not a dramatic movie. There is not going to be a time where you will heroically pull out your gun and free a very attractive woman who wants to sleep with you. That only happens in movies.

If someone has the right to bear arms, then the rest of the world has the right to know who is carrying a gun.

A “no firearms” sign is not going to stop anyone who is hiding a firearm in their bra. Please, America, please let’s get some common sense.

Not to put the blame on anyone (republicans) but seriously, how is more guns going to end gun violence? How is that supposed to work? Could someone please explain that to me? I really don’t understand.

As for the GOP, aren’t you supposed to be “pro-life?” Your lax gun control is killing people every day. How is that “pro-life?” If it’s okay for anyone to go buy a gun and kill someone, what exactly do you have against abortions?

So, until America can come to its senses, or the GOP can get back inside its happy little bubble and leave everyone else alone, the TSA can do whatever it wants and I will not complain.

I know that all republicans are not crazy people who run around with guns and expect women to stay at home dusting the window sills and hosting Tupperware parties. Just some of them are. If you are a normal republican please do not take this personally. The principal of my elementary school was republican and she was fantastic.

Those are my political views. Feel free to disagree with them if you wish. I’d love to read your comments.



6 thoughts on “Until we have better gun control; the TSA can do whatever it wants.

  1. The answer for me, a former Republican is this:

    1. Nobody needs a handgun on them
    2. Nobody needs a military style/force weapon
    3. If you are a hunter and use a semi-automatic gun you A. suck at hunting, and B. must enjoy the taste bullet permeated meat
    4. If you want guns, great. They should be kept at a range, checked out and re-secured at the range when not in use (see: England)
    5. The Second Amendment was instituted for a “well organized militia” in case of government tyranny: American does not have a tyrannical government and we are far from well organized at most everything.

    I owned a shotgun at one time, I enjoy shooting skeet, I don’t believe that small steps toward a larger and more noble goal are worthless and I also don’t believe rights come without responsibilities.

    We are first responsible to keep our population safe, and in my opinion, obligated to make movement toward doing so no matter how small the steps are.

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