Is this World History really just Analyzing the Relationship Between Republicans and Democrats?

This is a course description from my local high school. Do you think that the entire course cold be summed up as analyzing the relationship between republicans and democrats?


Course Length: Year Grade Level: 10
Prerequisites: None Repeatable: No
Credit: 5 credits per trimester Fulfills Requirement: Yes
Description: This course offers a survey of world history. We will examine major civilizations and events as they
occurred in time. Within this chronological framework, we will present, discuss and evaluate several important content
themes, and help develop basic analytical skills. This course will address the following CONTENT themes:
1. patterns and impacts of interaction among major societies: trade war, diplomacy, and international organizations.
2. relationship of change and continuity across the time periods of this course.
3. impact of technology and demography on people and the environment.
4. systems of social structure and gender roles within and among societies.
5. cultural and intellectual developments and interactions within and among societies.
6. changes in functions and structures of states and in attitudes toward states and political identities.


What do you think? Leave a comment. And vote democrat 2016.




3 thoughts on “Is this World History really just Analyzing the Relationship Between Republicans and Democrats?

  1. I think you could look at it more in terms of conservatives and liberals. The political parties have changed through history in terms of which represents conservative values and which represents liberal values. That might actually be an interesting class. Maybe you should write a paper looking at the history of each party and how it has changed over time.

    • I agree!
      Also, if I have a gifted history teacher, sometimes the specific incidents/events can make it a tricky call as to whether or not the groups discussed fell squarely into either camp.

      Happy Friday Julie – and of course Liza!

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