Warning-Rant Alert

Has anyone seen the Disney World commercial with the teenage girl? It’s on Hulu?

I couldn’t find it on YouTube. Basically they start with this teenage girl; portrayed as a stereotypical 14-year-old girl, sparkly phone, boyfriend, and not wanting to be seen  with her parents.

And then they say something like, “At least-not everywhere.” And they show her and her family at Disney World.

And THEN, they go on to say, “For a short time only!” in regard to the teenage girl being okay with being seen with her family. And apparently the only way to get your teenage girl to be seen with you is to go to Disney World.

What. The. Hell.

They aren’t selling an amusement park, they’re pretty much THREATENING you that if you don’t take your teenage daughter to Disney World she will never want to see you and will turn to drugs and get pregnant.

At least. that’s what I took from it.

But really, I found that commercial very offensive. No, the stereotypes aren’t enough, the dentist saying she wasn’t looking forward to her daughter becoming a teenager right in front of me; it isn’t enough. Disney has to go and put out this stupid false impression of teenage girls to advertise their amusement park.

Really Disney, because you don’t make enough money? You have to go and threaten people so you can make more money?

Thanks a lot Disney, you just ruined my evening and while I was typing this my bagel got cold (I know, I know, but it’s late…).

What do you think? Is this an evil marketing tactic, or is it okay to stereotype teenage girls and threaten people to make money?



6 thoughts on “Warning-Rant Alert

  1. I wouldn’t say that they’re threatening, but I do agree that their stereotyping is awful. Seriously, do people think all girls are like that? I know only A COUPLE girls who VAGUELY resemble that, and I’ve definitely found them to be the minority…at least in the circles I run in.


    • The sad thing is a lot of people do think girls are like that. I agree though, they are the minority. I just hate how Disney is using this stereotype to advertise.
      Thanks for you comment!

  2. All I can say is that the young lady in question never met MY mom. If she had, the attitude would have been a WHOLE LOT more appreciative and friendly. My mom didn’t/doesn’t suffer fools.

  3. … nor did/does she submit to blackmail – i.e. ‘I’ll tolerate you if you spend money to change my outlook’. That money wouldn’t spent time doing good elsewhere, up to and including being donated.


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