What did I do today?

Well, it is Saturday. So I tried and failed to sleep in late. That’s what usually happens. Why would I waste a bunch of time sleeping on a Saturday?

I got sick. I have a cold and a sore throat and I am FREEZING! So basically no one should touch my computer because it is probably covered in germs.

I ate 2 popsicles and realized that I don’t care much for ice cream or milk chocolate. Actually my favorite way to eat chocolate is with pretzels. This is a lactose intolerant thing; I stop liking anything that has lots of milk in it. Like ice cream. (Note: orange flavored popsicles right after brushing your teeth with mint tooth paste is really gross.)

I watch half of Iron Chef featuring one chef with glasses and one chef that looked just like Alec Baldwin. Their actual names are really not that important. Because I don’t know their actual names. We’ll just call them Edward and Timothy.

And…and this is the most interesting/surprising/mind-boggling thing that happened to me today. A commercial for H&R Block came on. And they were talking about taxes. And banks and accounting. And it was so weird. And then I realized that H&R Block was not a chain of hair salons. Like Cost Cutters. (Which I call Costly Cutters-I thought that was really funny when I was 10.) Yeah. I know. I’m totally serious. I did think they were a hair salon. There’s a H&R Block sign in the mall. Now every time I see it I’m going to think about how it’s not a hair salon. Crazy.

Happy Saturday!



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