Hi everyone!

Hi! I’m back now! I know I’ve been scarce. So here’s everything that has happened since Saturday.

My birthday was on Tuesday, I am now 15.

I re-arranged my room.

My sister found the little poop emoticon on gmail and I’ve been getting emails full of poop emoticons.

I got my standardized test results back. (average of 99% in case you were wondering.)

I was responsible for the death of several spiders while vacuuming. No earwigs, though.

and; all the snow melted. I am SO ready for spring now. I need sunlight and flowers and flip flops.

Now let’s go on a random rant about barbies. All the barbies I had were hand-me-downs. From the 80s. They have the most unbelievably weird clothes. We’re talking metallic zebra print in shades on pink and green. (That’s a jumpsuit.)

I saw this thing once, and it said that if a barbie were made normal human size; its neck would be twice as long as a normal neck and its feet would be too small to walk on. And I believe its waist and bust sizes would be extremely out of proportion.

The one thing that has always bothered me about barbies is; the barbie children are so short that, if walking next to the barbie, they would be able to look right up her freakishly short skirt. What is with that?

Of course, I refused to confine myself to the accepted method of playing with barbies. Besides, mean witch of barbie-land was fun. (It involved capturing barbie babies with a pasta strainer.

On that thought; happy Thursday!



2 thoughts on “Hi everyone!

  1. Hi Liza:

    I forgot about what was in your latest blog because I have nothing to do with, nor ever had with Barbie! Having raised three sons, who did not recognize barbie, and being older than anyone who would ever play with one, I did not know about them until most recently as I had to buy some for young girls. Ugg. what an awful toy. I think it’s nothing but an imaginary “wanna be a model/toy” doll. Nothing to move the mind at all.

    Love, GM

  2. Well said GM! She’s only a role model for the vapid of mind and dissatisfied of body!

    Liza, she had babies? What kind of a mother is she? Dear heavens, I hope I don’t see her in the grocery store! She’d probably be talking too loud on her jeweled cell phone.

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