7 Things that Bother Me

1) When headphones have left and right labeled on them. I don’t want my headphones telling me which way to wear them. Because of this I am forced to wear them backwards, so I don’t comply with the manufacturer’s instruction.

2) When people say ‘real’ instead of ‘really.’ This is a midwest thing. “I’m real good.” “That’s real pretty.” etc. REALLY people. It’s REALLY!

3) When we don’t have my favorite brand of toothpaste.

4) When spell check informs me that ‘organise, realise, favourite, and manoeuvre’ are spelled wrong. I can use British spellings if I want to.

5) Sea salt and vinegar potato chips. They are disgusting.

6) People who prattle on and on about their Italian pants while I’m doing maths.

7) Books that have a preface and an introduction. Isn’t one enough?



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