New Years Resolutions

Here they are.

  • Match up my socks before putting them away
  • Take a picture of something every day
  • Turn off the popcorn maker before the popcorn starts flying everywhere
  • Eat a whole quart of ice cream in one sitting (this only needs to happen once)
  • Flip my mattress over regularly
  • Respect Cinnamon’s wish to stop wearing funny hats (although she does look very cute in them)
  • Stop wanting a pet fish. Fish are a bad idea.
  • Find some occation to throw confetti
  • Finish knitting that pair of socks
  • Make a snowman in the same style as Calvin and Hobbes
  • Weed the garden. And,
  • Make homemade girl scout cookies.

What are your new years resolutions?


3 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

    • No! Don’t ever give up on that one! It keeps you in practice for things like ‘hope’ and ‘benefit of the doubt’. Two traits woefully lacking in the world today. Stay romantic, not matter how much might hurt sometimes. You’ll be strong and unique :) FWIW. Sorry to butt in.

  1. Hmmm. Maybe mine should be, ‘Don’t give unsolicited advice (no matter how awesome the advice is and how sage I think I am…)’. We’ll have to see how long that one lasts.

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