5 made-up facts about me

This is a post I am writing because…um…I don’t actually know. Right. Well, presenting 5 made-up facts about me.

NUMBER 1:I am wearing a ball gown.

NUMBER 2: I LOVE tomatoes. They are absolutely DELICIOUS! I want to eat them FOR EVERY MEAL! [ick]

NUMBER 3: I am a republican. Yay…republicans…. [ick]

NUMBER 4: My name is Monica Wilkins and my dearest ambition is to move to Australia, which I have now done. (comment if you get the Harry Potter reference)

NUMBER 5: I NEVER finish lists.


4 thoughts on “5 made-up facts about me

  1. Remember probably 49 per cent of us are republicans and some of us are nice and even kind to puppies. You will probably even be working for an icky republican some day. Dont burn your bridges

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