A Mouse’s Christmas

My sister has two pet mice.Their names are Lili-Rose and Buttercup.

Cinnamon loves them, too...

Cinnamon loves them, too…

I had the brilliant idea to make little tiny Christmas stockings for the mice.So I sewed Christmas stockings for the mice. And they turned out really cute!

This is Lili-Rose’s stocking.

See, isn't it cute?

See, isn’t it cute?

Buttercup’s stocking looked the same, but with a red foot and a green top.

We tied them to the top of the mouse cage, but the mice didn’t seem to notice.

Apparently we were wrong to think the mice didn’t notice. Little Miss Buttercup decided she didn’t want a stocking. This is Buttercup’s stocking after one night.

Buttercup's stocking

What a dear little mousie…




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