Strange Things I Thought when I was Little

I thought that this


meant the entrance to a funeral home.

I thought that when you put money in one of these


it rolled down clear tubes all the way to the bank.

I thought that this


literally meant that there were no outlets.


What odd things did you think when you were little?


4 thoughts on “Strange Things I Thought when I was Little

  1. I thought that the “DO NOT PASS” signs meant that you were not allowed to go past that sign, and I could never figure out why they were there because everyone always drove right on by those signs. But now I understand that they meant not to pass other cars on that 2-lane road.

      • Yeah, we’d get to the first DO NOT PASS sign and then pull over in front of it and would be eating sandwiches until we ate them all, then we’d turn around. End of road trip.

  2. I was going to post what Paul did! I would get so confused when we would PASS the sign.

    I also don’t like the “Road Freezes Before Bridge” because it’s no clear whether it refers to “ahead” of the bridge or “a point in time in advance”. So I find that I have to pull over and think about it, write it down and diagram the words. While I do that I usually eat a sandwich and look out the window. Finally I decide it’s too dangerous and I cross the bridge in summer.

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