Then and Than and Math

My brain almost did this the other day:

I was sitting and listening to someone rattle off answers like this;

“QT is greater then HT.”

“C is greater then 5.”

“Triangle ACB is greater then 63.”

“X is less then TS.”

“46 is less then or equal to 5.”

And I was thinking,


It was the combination of math and people mixing up THEN and THAN over and over and over and over again.

I’m starting to think that it’s an Iowa accent thing, to just say ‘then’ for ‘then’ or ‘than.

That’s why my brain almost went:





3 thoughts on “Then and Than and Math

  1. Improper word usage, misused phraseology (i.e. “begs the question” and “things of that nature” specifically) and “axed” in place of “asked” (“… and then I axed him about it.” “May I ASK you why you “AXED” him?”) make me cringe.

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