A Story From when I was 6

I was an adorable 6-year-old. Anyway, I was at kindergarten, and it was “field day.”

Field day has nothing to do with a field. Even though the school did have a field. Field day was a day, like, 3 days before the last day of the school year, where the teachers herded all the children outside to engage in a variety of tedious, rather pointless activities.

For example, throwing water balloons over a net and catching them in garbage bags. This is harder than it looks and the teachers got very impatient if any children were bad at any activities.

The activity I remember best was a weird washing activity. All the kindergartners were placed at tables with plates containing a variety of messy condiments on them. Then we were given white handkerchiefs and told to get them as messy as possible.

I was disgusted. Here was this nice, clean, white handkerchief and you were telling me to cover it in ketchup, mustard, grape jelly, and salad dressing?!?! Who does that?

I decided to play along, so I dipped each corner in a tiny bit of condiment. I thought this was sufficiently messy. Then I looked around and saw my fellow, less mature, kindergartners covering their handkerchief in condiment. I kind of gave up at that point. There was no way I was going to get  grape jelly all over my hands.

We were then shunted outside and told to get the handkerchief ever messier with grass stains! Luckily grass is clean so I had no problem getting some grass stains on the handkerchief.

Buckets of water were placed every few feet, and we were supposed to get the handkerchief as clean as possible. I, obviously, had no problem with this as I’d hardly gotten it messy. Everybody was very impressed with my cleaning abilities.

I still don’t know why the teachers thought of such an activity. I supposed they were almost at their limit, as the school year was almost over. Even now I’m kind of disgusted that I had to do that.




2 thoughts on “A Story From when I was 6

  1. Hmmm. Maybe they were secretly taping a Tide commercial. You might be famous. You never know.

    (Ask for royalties if you can!)

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