My Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is over. Now to eat turkey sandwiches…

Here is our turkey. It fell a part a bit. The turkey’s name is Albus.

Here is the cranberry sauce cooking.

Don’t you love my spatula?!?!



Pumpkin puree. From a REAL PUMPKIN!!! Not a can.

And the finished pie.


Pecan pie, which I am eating right now!


Yams that are steaming.


And…bon appetit!

I hope you had a delightful Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it!

Today is black friday, I might go shopping, I’ve got a coupon to the are store, you see.





7 thoughts on “My Thanksgiving

  1. Hi Liza:

    I posted a comment but the site wouldn’t recognize my e mail or password. I just said, ” Set two more places at your table next year. We”re coming. Love, GM ( me) and GT ( you know who)

    On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 9:45 AM, vintage lace

  2. I can tell who sat where. ;-) you = top; mom @ 3:00; Ruby @ 6:00 and dad @ 9:00.

    PS – is my pie in the mail?

    Pps – I seem to be the only family member to understand how to access replies ;-) I might teach UDavid, otherwise, its my secret and yours. Booowahahaha! Xo

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