Week of Thanksgiving: Irrelevant Ramblings

I’m interrupting this series because I cannot think of any other thanksgiving thing to write about. So, who would like to hear about Norwegian food?

Not, of course, to offend anyone, but I think Norwegian food is bland. Maybe if I actually went to Norway and tasted some actual Norwegian food I would enjoy it. But as I have never been to Norway all the Norwegian/American food I have tasted is bland. Very bland.

Maybe Norwegian people have ultra sensitive taste buds? If so, I appear to have missed out on that particular gene. I think someone should introduce curry spices to Norway. that would make quite a difference.

The Norwegian food I think is most bland is called kringle (pronounced kringla).

It is basically a delivery device for butter. Lots of butter. Not to stereotype, but Norwegians love butter. I lied, that was a complete stereotype, and it’s true.

Kringle is made of; butter, flour, sugar, cream, egg, baking power/soda. No flavor. Just bread.

Then you roll it into pretty shapes and put it in the oven to bake. BUT you must  take it out of the oven before it gets even the tiniest bit golden brown on top. If the middle is not under cooked then it is considered burnt and no one can eat if. Even with a bucket of butter on top.

How about we try making spicy kringle. Would some curry spices go amiss? Or saffron? I love saffron. Maybe cinnamon clove kringle. That would be yummy. And yes, in case you haven’t guessed I am making kringle today. Not for me, but for Ruby (who got the Norwegian taste genes) and to experiment. I’ll let you know how curry saffron cinnamon clove ginger cumin kringle turns out.





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