Last Minute Holiday Dress

So, 2 hours ago, a certain 7-year-old someone informed me that she needed a holiday dress. ASAP.

So I was like, “What? Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Why right now? What kind of dress do you want? How am I supposed to make it? Grrrrr!”

So I started hacking out a holiday dress. Literally. I sketched one pattern piece and started hacking away.

Luckily I had this huge roll of blue swishy mystery fabric (taffeta maybe?) that I dug out of our basement. The colour wasn’t perfect, but with the promise of matching sparkly nail polish, miss Ruby agreed.

More later, I’ve got to keep sewing!




One thought on “Last Minute Holiday Dress

  1. That’s just crazy-pants (or in your case ‘dress’). It’s like Project Runway! You go girl :)

    PS – Have you ever thought about making bags? Like the big shoulder kind? They sell for a bundle at the farmer’s market here. Just another entrepreneurial thought.

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