Eye Spy Answers!

Yesterday I put up an eye spy game for you. Here are the answers if you couldn’t find everything!

It did require a bit of zooming in to see everything. And yes that was our basement.


In yellow circles:

  • The wheels on a doll stroller
  • The number 7

In blue circles:

  • The address book that looks like a man’s suit
  • The little chair

In green circles:

  • The orange baseball hat
  • Most of the word animal
  • The curly cord

In red circles:

  • The green handle

In pink/purple circles:

  • The number 10
  • The box of kitty litter liners

I hope you had fun!





2 thoughts on “Eye Spy Answers!

  1. I got ’em all! I LOVE these games! I always beat David in the speed rounds – I guess that’ll come in handy someday… when we need to find… the dog??? :)

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