Tutorial: Scrabble Tile Pendant

This tutorial is for people who have no diamond glaze, or maybe you don’t want to buy some. Here I use glue and Mod Podge, which isn’t as clear and shiny as diamond glaze. So you won’t want to pick a picture with lots of detail or words. These have a more vintage look, which I like.


Materials: Scrabble tiles, glue (normal, white school glue), Mod Podge, nail file (you can use the one on a swiss army knife, scissors, paintbrush, pretty paper, tiny little eye bolts, needle nose pliers  pencil, and time and patience.

Step 1) Place your scrabble tile of choice on your paper and trace around it.


Step 2) Cut out the little rectangle, and trim it to fit on your scrabble tile. It doesn’t need to be absolutely perfect, you’ll file it later.


Step 3) Glue (with the normal school glue) the paper to the FLAT side of the tile. Do not glue it to the letter side. Unless you want to. Try at your own risk.

The paper will start to curl up at the sides, so I would recommend putting something heavy on top of the tile.

Let this dry for 10 MINUTES!!! Don’t skimp on drying time!



Step 4) Take your nail file and just go over any uneven edges of the paper so they’re smooth.


Step 5) Mix a potion of one part glue and one part Mod Podge.


Step 6) Lay the tile flat, take the paintbrush, and put a thick layer of the gluey potion over the top of the tile. There isn’t a really great way to do this, just make it as smooth as possible. Try to pop any little bubbles with a pin.


Put these on the most level surface you have and let them dry for AT LEAST OVERNIGHT!!!! Probably longer. You do NOT want anything to touch these before they are dry. Trust me, I learned the hard way.

Step 7) Get one of your tiny eye bolts, and clamp the top with the needle nose pliers. Screw the eye bolt into the top of the tile. It’s really hard, you might want gloves.


Step 8) Enjoy!






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