Cooking Fail

I am making mystery cupcakes right now. They are baking.

Why are they mystery cupcakes?

So, I started with a cupcake mix, because we had it. I melted the butter, and then I realized we were out of eggs (the chickens are molting).

Frantically searching the internet, I found vinegar as an egg substitute. I realized I had added way  too much vinegar when the cupcake batter started to stink up the whole room.

What was there to do? I poured in a 227 gram bag of shredded coconut. Better, but vinegar is strong.

I was about to put the batter in the muffin tins when I remembered we had coconut extract. I’ve never use so much coconut extract in my life. But it did the trick! The batter started wafting fumes of piña colada everywhere.

Now they’re in the oven. Will they turn out?  I have absolutely no idea.

I’ll come back and tell you after I’ve eaten one!




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