Jello: a Stereotype

There is a stereotype that Iowans love jello. This is completely true. There is lots of jello in Iowa. Too much. And it is everywhere. Iowans have figured out how to make jello into hundreds of different creations.

With cream, plain, in a fancy mold, with chocolate, with vanilla, baked into a pie, with fruit, with cream whipped, with fruit sauce, with fruit sauce whipped. And then there is the extreme, with marshmallows. Marshmallows. I’m serious.

If you ever go to a family reunion in Iowa, you will find jello. Sometimes it gets cut into little cubes. Sometimes it looks similar to a casserole. Where ever you are, the jello will find you.

Why do Iowans love jello so much? I have no idea. I hate jello. I think jello is completely disgusting.

At thanksgiving, there is cranberry jello. Not to be confused with cranberry sauce that comes in a can, this is cranberry jello.

Bill Bryson penned my favorite jello quote, “jello; the state fruit of Iowa.”

Not to offend anyone, but Iowans way eat too much jello. I will do my part by not ever eating any jello, no matter how hard it tried to disguise itself.



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