Eggplants and Carrots and Cabbage, Oh My!

We have this vegetable garden.  It’s literally a giant tangle of plant life. A bit scary actually.


It’s probably not the garden’s fault that it’s in this condition. We never exactly weeded it.

But today I tried to pick carrots. Luckily the carrots are on the outside edge.

These carrots are working against me. They don’t pull out up like normal carrots. They break off from the green leafy part and I have to dig them out.

There are purple carrots, which are fabulous. They grew and even thinned themselves out (I never thinned them). There are also orange carrots. They did not thin themselves, and they are all about 3/4 inch long.

Here are some purple carrots.

I know, they look the same colour as a worm, but the purple’s only on the carrot skin.


We also have one eggplant,



one head of cabbage,

and a watermelon.

This watermelon is the approximate size of a softball.


Here’s the matted tangle of orange carrots. And the place where I tried to dig one up.


Gardening is fun!




One thought on “Eggplants and Carrots and Cabbage, Oh My!

  1. I found a recipe in a magazine for Autumn multi carrots. It looked great so I bought purple, yellow and orange carrots, pealed them and cooked them and found that I had only orange carrots left! I wish I had read your blog first.

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