Stuffed Doll Tutorial

Here’s the doll tutorial!


Supplies: Fabric, thread, stuffing, paint/markers (optional), ribbons (optional) and the doll pattern.

1. Print the doll pattern. Make sure the page scaling is set to none.

2. Cut out all the pattern pieces. There should be seven.

3. Cut out your fabric pieces. You can use any colours or patterns that you want.

4. Draw/paint the face if you want to. I used paint to make Kitty and Lizette’s faces, buy sharpies or fabric markers work well, too.

5. Make the bangs. If you just want the bangs straight across you can ignore the next couple of steps.

If you want the bangs to have a parting in them, first, fold them in half with right sides together and draw where you want the part. Them sew over your lines.

After you’ve sewn, clip as closely to the stitches as you can.

Then you can turn them the right way out and iron them. If you want to you can top stitch around the opening.

6. Sew the head pieces to the dress pieces. Iron the seam flat, but don’t iron it open. Ironing a seam open can make it weaker.

 7. Make the ponytails or braids. Fold the hair pieces right sides together. Sew along the side and bottom.

Do this for all six pieces, then turn them right side out.

Stack up three of the pieces and sew them along the top. Repeat for the other three.

Make sure the taller sides line up when you stack them.

8. Sew the hands right sides together then turn them right side out. You can put a bit of stuffing in them if you want, I didn’t here. It doesn’t matter very much.

9. Make the sleeves. Take the sleeve piece and put the hand at the end of it, facing in.

Place the other sleeve piece on top, right sides together, and sew around the sides and bottom of the sleeve. Repeat for the other sleeve.

Now turn the sleeves right side out and put some stuffing in the arms.

10. Back to the head. Take your hair piece and iron the bottom up about 3/4 inch.

11. Now, this is the most confusing step. Get the dress-head pieces and lay them out.

On the back of the head piece, lay the hair piece that you just ironed.

Put the bangs on the face/dress piece.

On the back piece put the ponytails/braids pieces. Pins are nice here. You can position the hair however you want, and you can make it any length you want.

If you’re doing long hair you’ll need to fold the hair into the middle of the head so it the ends don’t get sewn into the seam.

Now place the arms on the dress.

When everything’s on it should look about like this.

Now lay the face/dress/bangs piece over the back piece with right sides together. Pin them with lots of pins! It will be pretty think with all the layers.

12. Sew up the sides of the dress and around the head.

13. Turn the doll right side out, if you have a pin holding the hair in the middle of the head you’ll want to be careful turning the head the right way out.

Now she’s looking more like a doll!

14. Sew the legs/tights. Fold them right sides together and sew down the side and around the foot.

15. Turn the legs right side out and stuff them, leave about an inch unstuffed at the top to sew into the dress.

16. Fold the open bottom of the dress in about 1/2 inch. Put the inside the dress and sew them to the back of the dress.

17. Pin the bottom of the dress closed and sew across it.

Do her hair and you’re done!

What is her name? This one is named Delilah.

Happy sewing!



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