Finally, here’s something food-related!

So, I set out to make pumpkin bread today. To my slight annoyance we were out of pumpkin puree. So I got some sweet potato puree. and I found this:

Yes, it has been sitting in the cupboard for two and a half years. Sigh.

So I decided to make gingerbread, in honor of fall here.

All the ingredients:

The dry ingredients getting mixed:

(I took that picture while the mixer was on! I didn’t know that my camera could take a picture of a moving mixer, but blurs a picture of a cat stretching.)

Me lightly beating an egg:

Note: taking a picture while beating an egg is not easy!

Pouring molasses:

I love love love molasses! I eat it plain. Out of the bottle. I know, that’s weird!

And the completed gingerbread! Minus a few pieces. It turned out perfect!




PS. I’ve drawn up the doll pattern, I should have it and the tutorial up soon.







One thought on “Gingerbread

  1. We love gingerbread too!! And I love that you have Brer Rabbit molasses! I’ve never seen it before here in the northeast.

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