Doll Making: Round 2

Meet Kitty! Also known as eight-year-old Hermione, because she looks like eight-year-old Hermione.

She is the revised version of Lizette. Kitty’s head actually stand up! Her head and neck are a little different from Lizette’s.

I made her hair different, longer bangs and braids.

From the neck down Kitty is the same as Lizette. The only difference is the hands, I put a little stuffing in Kitty’s hands, Lizette’s are just 2 layers of fabric.

Dolls like printer-diving to show off their tights!

And here’s a close up of her hair and braid from the back.


I’m planning on putting up a doll pattern and doing a tutorial this week. The pattern will be for Kitty, but I will also have Lizette’s hair option up.




PS. Don’t you like the teacup fabric?!?!    :)   :)


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