Meet the Kitty!

This is Cinnamon Toast the cat.

Cinnamon Toast

Cinnamon is vicious. Cinnamon is sneaky. Cinnamon is, um, a little overweight. At this very moment she is licking her toes.

Cinnamon is a calico tabby, she has an asymmetrical face, half yellow, half grayish brown.

Cinnamon has a very clever little trick she plays on anyone she doesn’t know. She walks up to them, wanting pets, then she jumps and swipes at them like she wants to rip their noses off. Cinnamon has made children cry with fright.

She is a one family cat, she’s very nice and cuddly to me, minus the occasional chasing me up the stairs. And a few nips.

Here is a picture of Cinnamon in a baseball cap.

She’s not very happy in this picture.

    Here is a picture of Cinnamon looking devilish.

See her expression, that’s the smile of doom.

And, here is a picture of Cinnamon hugging a piece of fake cheese. She’s a cat of many interests!

Right now, Cinnamon is probably wishing you ill.



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